The Winners of the World Cup-Gadgets!

Within a few days the sporting event of 2010 begins, the World Cup in South Africa. The Orange madness is already completely broken out, a few of the World Cup gadgets: World Cup hands, dangling, Gogos, encourage horn, Beesies, orange plophat and ING Bank personal debit card.

The winners of the World Cup action, according to the survey, are the Bavaria-orange dress and the remote controlled cooling server of Grolsch.

The gadgets are getting crazier, more advanced and cooler …
Let’s hope the Dutch team will be World Champion.

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Glovy, dries your Golf Gloves!

I am afraid I don’t know much about Golf matters ! Almost nothing actually. I played once to miniature golf when I was 8 year old, and, I don’t how it happened , but my foot got jammed in one of the round’s hole, while I was shrilling for my father to come and free me…

But anyway, let’s try to get in a golfer’s shoes for a moment, and understand what are their needs of promotional merchandise!

We are glad to present THE novelty in terms of promotional products for golf:
Its name is GLOVY, an accessory meant for improve the player’s comfort.

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The Capaper

The World Cup is coming and therefore we can see a lot of new promotional products for sports coming up.

You already know the MAKARABA hat, a funny looking hand made miner’s helmet personalized with the colours of the club, and the symbol of the South African’s soccer culture. We also discovered the HAIR BANDAGE, the personalized wig for soccer supporters.

Today we present you the CAPAPER, a hat of ‘cardboard’, easy to assemble, created by the French company Hoovox.

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Swiggies UK

Received a mail today from mark Bysouth introducing a new promotional product : the… SWIGGIES. Don’t know what you would expect behind such a name.

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The upcoming sensation for the World Cup soccer 2010!! Worldwide, millions of supporters will be wearing the most crazy outfits during the World Cup soccer

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