Color your summer with the personalized slap wristbands !

Summer time, here we are ! And what is synonymous of summer ? Beach, the sun, farniente, swimsuit…  About the look : flashy colors are totally trendy in this year 2012, the more fluorescent it is, the best look you have !


Concerning the jewels, even if you’re relaxed in this period, you continue to match them with your clothes despite of your lack of motivation for spending an hour to put them all.  The solution : the personalized slap wristband of course ! They definitely are THE holiday’s wristbands.


Super stylish with their flashy colors (obviously, you can choose them), the slap wristband is also the fastest to put. You just have to “slap” it on your arm and here we go ! Done in 1 second !

This is a fun product. Why ? Because you can personalize THE SLAP WRISTBAND  EXACTLY AS YOU WANT.

What is more is the personalization you can do on this awesome gadget. You choose the wristbands’ color of course, but you also choose what you want to write on it : sea, sex and sun… Whatever, you’re free.  Summer time is the perfect timing to show who we really are without staying in the skimpy “society  mold”… Do what you want, wear what you want, say what you want : holidays in other words !

Last summer, the slap watch success strengthened the position of the silicon jewels. More sophisticated than silicon wristbands (even if the success of this product is always at the top), the personalized slap wristbands have another advantage : you can choose among different quality range : the economic slap wristband in reflective PVC and the Premium quality slap wristband in silicone (100 %) which has a larger range of colors and personalization.slap-watch

In consequences, we can say the promotional slap wristband is THE jewel you have to wear this summer 2012. Preferably choose an ultra bright color to bring out your fabulous suntan and seduce the slap watch owners : birds of a feather flock together !

You too you’re interested in making your own personalized slap wristbands ? Do not hesitate and contact the specialist : www.euro