The Advertising Objects Blog was created in 2006, initiated by Horizonsources SAS in France. The blog aims to promote the advertising object, the printed gadget.
To do this, professionals from all over the world regularly contribute by publishing articles on new products and trends in the promotional item market.

Here is the list of the main authors.

  • Jennifer Kroon of the French company Horizonsources, which manufactures and imports promotional items.
  • Katherina Gizotti comes to us from Greece, her company Doron, specializes in the import and distribution of advertising items on the Greek market. Michael Merry Crooks, specialist in Promotional Marketing in the United States, is the creator of the Crooks Advertising Alliance and member of PPAI and ASI.
  • Suvir Kuhlar comes to us from India, his company Microsolutions, is one of the most active in the industry in India and employs more than 40 people.
  • Luciano Raizler from Brazil, creator of Raizler Promocional, distributors of promotional magnets throughout Latin America.
  • Jelmer Sminia, Manager of Eurologo BV in Holland, importer for the Dutch market.
  • Juliette Dru, from Horizonsources in Spain, importer for the Spanish market.
  • Orianne Lipp, director of Horizonsources Cameroon. Young dynamic company in Cameroon.

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This blog aims to identify news, trends and fundamental movements in the world of promotional items.