8 fatal marketing errors..

Article written by Jesús Lopez from the “blog del Marketing” (es):

” Marketing programs are usually realised by experts employed on behalf of the companies, however, they also make some fatal mistakes as far as marketing is concerned:

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Promotion through Beauty Salons and Barbershops

Posted by Bric McMann from www.campaigncapes.com

The Campaign Capes Advertising Network

capes advertisingCaptive audiences are attractive audiences to advertisers, especially when that captive audience is in a relaxed and happy setting.
You don’t get much more relaxed and happy than at a hair salon or barber shop, enjoying
a great haircut or service and the company of others.
Salons and barber shops and are a great place for advertisers to target consumers.

What’s the case for using a salon as a marketing tool?
More and more time being spent out of home and the salon customer demographics are perfect for active consumers because they offer a truly captive audience with lots of dwell time.
Salons are described as recession proof. Research has found that salons are open later hours than most businesses and the average customer spends 90 minutes in the salon and return as often as every 4 weeks.

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Buzz marketing

Our weekly Marketing post comes from Singapore this week and is about… FAST FOOD. Talented chefs from the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore

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By Sergio Luna Vargas, marketing consultant and university doctor.

The colours we see everyday in shops or in the streets have a strong influence on our psychology and purchase decision.
The majority of the products and advertisements have a strong colour strategy element,, designed by specialists in this field, according to the relation each colour have with each specific product.

The physical colours we see around us are colours approved by people. The consumer decides which colours he likes and rejects the one he doesn’t like. Very often, the sale will depend on the colour (of the packaging, of the product itself, etc.) as the great majority of the promotional products and ads of the market appeal to people’s unconscious.

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Enlarge your horizons and you ‘ll find the solution

Do you remember him…Michael Crooks!

Of course you do: Michael is a faithfull writer of the PPIBlog.

He’s a USA based marketer and creative problem solver.
One more time, he comes and delect us with his quill.

The subject: To find a solution or an idea…just expand your horizons…

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Ball’com, a fully inflated comunication

If you can see big balls flying, you’re not going mad! you re just being introduced to a brand new communication tool.

It’s name : the BALL‘ COM, an original and brandnew concept of a borne, lightened and inflated ball.

This new system of mobile tactical display was thought to astonish a targeted audience, and offers an original and stricking communication with a maximum visibility.

We were presented this concept by Julien gautier, Manager of the company WAITCOM:

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