Promotion through Beauty Salons and Barbershops

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The Campaign Capes Advertising Network

capes advertisingCaptive audiences are attractive audiences to advertisers, especially when that captive audience is in a relaxed and happy setting.
You don’t get much more relaxed and happy than at a hair salon or barber shop, enjoying
a great haircut or service and the company of others.
Salons and barber shops and are a great place for advertisers to target consumers.

What’s the case for using a salon as a marketing tool?
More and more time being spent out of home and the salon customer demographics are perfect for active consumers because they offer a truly captive audience with lots of dwell time.
Salons are described as recession proof. Research has found that salons are open later hours than most businesses and the average customer spends 90 minutes in the salon and return as often as every 4 weeks.

Campaign Capes is an advertising network that supplies promotional cutting capes and collateral support, such as window clings, literature, coupons, etc. to beauty salons and barber shops as a means of promoting products, services, or events from a variety of industries. More and more, various media giants are using cutting capes as a canvas to promote and create buzz for an upcoming motion picture or television show. The U.S. Census Bureau promoted the 2010 Census using our program to distribute 10,000 capes to areas of the country that were targeted as being difficult in retrieving census data.

Statistic Example of Potential Marketing Effect:

  • 100 busy Salons, average 1,000 Individuals
  • Average of x 4 Stylists per Salon
  • 400 Stylist socializing with 100,000 Individuals
  • Word of mouth x 3 potential reaches 300,000

Benefits Include:

  • Competitive cost per thousand
  • High in social capital
  • Maximum impacts, recall rates
  • An attractive captive audience

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