After the ingenious GripClip, we present the StikkiClean: A small product double sided, doubly effective!

How to use it?
You put the printed side of the StikkiClean, facing down, on your LCD, phone, Ipod, camera etc… and you will be able to remove the dirt off it by scrubbing lightly with your finger tip. After using it, you just stick the printed side of StikkiClean, face up, onto the cell phone or digital screen body.

It can be taken on and off many times and it can be water washed as well !! How great is that??

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Glovy, dries your Golf Gloves!

I am afraid I don’t know much about Golf matters ! Almost nothing actually. I played once to miniature golf when I was 8 year old, and, I don’t how it happened , but my foot got jammed in one of the round’s hole, while I was shrilling for my father to come and free me…

But anyway, let’s try to get in a golfer’s shoes for a moment, and understand what are their needs of promotional merchandise!

We are glad to present THE novelty in terms of promotional products for golf:
Its name is GLOVY, an accessory meant for improve the player’s comfort.

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Custom guitar picks

In the PPIBlog, our objective is to present some new, original, effective promotional products…
Recently we have been talking a lot of sport promotional items, obviously, because of the World Cup coming!!

But, it would be a crime to neglect other products that do not imply Soccer discipline and company…

We almost never talk about MUSIC promotions!
Stroke of luck, i have here a funny and NEW MUSIC PROMOTION PRODUCT:

“Rick Rock” The CUSTOM GUITAR PICK! Invented by a Canadian company: Zoogee World.

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Go Green… Understanding Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Organic Cotton.

cotton bagOn many traditional cotton farms, the soil is most often sterile because of the depletion of nutrients and pesticides. As a result, farmers must rely on additives, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plus vast quantities of water to keep their crops growing. In contrast, organic farming restores and builds up the soil, increasing its organic content which, in turn, increases its water-sustaining ability. The rich, moist earth results in stronger plants, which improves the soil even more. Far less water runs off organic fields, and what does run off is not polluted with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton must be processed separately from conventional cotton and machines must be cleaned to avoid contamination. For 100% organic products, only environmentally friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used. Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore is also biodegradable.

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Little something

Here is a nice idea from the USA, Little something offers you to opportunity to send a gift with personal message within 5 minutes to

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Promotional tea bag

I use the occasion of the return to work, to present you a small original product. The promotional tea bag.

We found this funny new product by chance surfing on the Web. It’s sold in a few stores and were launched by Donkey products.

I imagine it’s possible personalise de tea bags with logos or a famous characters. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Ronald MacDonald or Mickey Mouse taking a bath on your cup of tea?

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