Glovy, dries your Golf Gloves!

I am afraid I don’t know much about Golf matters ! Almost nothing actually. I played once to miniature golf when I was 8 year old, and, I don’t how it happened , but my foot got jammed in one of the round’s hole, while I was shrilling for my father to come and free me…

But anyway, let’s try to get in a golfer’s shoes for a moment, and understand what are their needs of promotional merchandise!

We are glad to present THE novelty in terms of promotional products for golf:
Its name is GLOVY, an accessory meant for improve the player’s comfort.

This product with a golf ball shape is composed of a motor, a propeller and a rechargable battery.

What is for? It dries the gloves on the golf course between each shot.
It gives a solution to the sweat problems in the glove and improve your “grip”.

Yes, a golfer also sweats!

It’s easy to use, adapted to all gloves’s sizes and essential to improve the comfort when playing.
It’s an excelent gift but also an original promotional support.

Golf lovers, get your Glovy!

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