Custom guitar picks

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In the PPIBlog, our objective is to present some new, original, effective promotional products…
Recently we have been talking a lot of sport promotional items, obviously, because of the World Cup coming!!

But, it would be a crime to neglect other products that do not imply Soccer discipline and company…

We almost never talk about MUSIC promotions!
Stroke of luck, i have here a funny and NEW MUSIC PROMOTION PRODUCT:

“Rick Rock” The CUSTOM GUITAR PICK! Invented by a Canadian company: Zoogee World.

This product is the ultimate hard guitar pick and it’s produced with a photo quality image that will never fade, trapped inside a transparent 3D effect.

The Rick Rock is available with keychain, cell phone charm or as a necklace pendant…

Isn’t it a great promotional product?
It’s perfect for Band merchandising, music companies, event promotions, fan clubs, music festivals etc

My 16 year old little sister would kill to have the Tokio Hotel Guitar pick!!

Don’t forget that Music can move the soul. It can be a very strong influence. Some music can calm us down, some music can make us wild!
It makes me want to listen to Janis Joplin!! mmm…. piece of my heart is my favorite!

To have more information on the RICK ROCK, contact-us!