A promotional product for the computer screen

Many producers of promotional products try to find original ideas for products to be used in the office working space. This one is really efficient and original. Placed on the computer screen it will show the company logo all over the day.

Many companies produce air fresheners for the car, but Horizonsources in Barcelona now also made an air freshener to be used in the office working space. This Stickball can be used on the corner of the computer screen and will diffuse a high quality perfume. On the corner of the screen the Stickball will be seen many times a year and so will the company advertisement.

The stickballs are produced in Spain by the company Horizonsources. You can order the product up from 500 pieces with your own company logo and choose one of the many available perfumes. For more information about this air freshener : www.car-air-freshener.com