Questions you should consider while selecting Promotional Products for your Campaign

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promotional products Promotional Products are a great Way to promote your business among your target audience. Customized Products imprinted with your logo always keep your brand name in the mind of your customers every time they use them. The Success of your campaign depends on the promotional products you are going to give to your Customers. So I am going to discuss some Questions which you should ask yourself for getting best Promotional products for your campaign.

Whether my customer needs this Product? This is the most important Question to ask , Whether your customers are really looking for the product you are going to give them or they would always stay under drawers and cupboards of your customers. Whether the product you are going to give them is used daily or just occasionally.

Whether you would be happy to get this product as Free Gift? This is similar to previous Question but this would help you to filter cheap products or products which don’t look good. Select the products which you would like to receive.

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NEW PRODUCT: the Shape Paper Clip

The paper clip is actually not a brand new product!! The first bent-wire paper clip was invented in 1867 by Samuel Fay in the United States. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabrics… its shape was quite different to the one invented 27 years later and that we still use today.

The paper clip adopted many different shapes through the year but only recently we invented the CUSTOM SHAPE PAPER CLIP: a paper clip which could have any personalised shape, even the shape of a company logo!!


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Using Promotional Items for Employee Functions

Let me present you an article written by Samantha Fellows, from Clickpromogifts in United Kingdom, about the importance and utility for the firms to invest in promotional gifts for their employees, and not only for their clients! If you want to know all the benefits it can bring to your organization and how to choose the good gift for your staff, read this article!

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A coffee break for the Planet

South Africa is currently experimenting an energy shortage causing power cuts in the whole country.
Thus, the National Electricity Supply Commission, Eskom has started a huge campaign to promote energy savings in the country.

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The File-Bag

filebag1 Walking around the 2008 Premiums and Gifts Fair in Hong Kong, Doc Logo+ found, once more, an original and shrewd promotional object : the File-Bag.

Have you never thrown away leaflets and papers because you didn’t know where to put it?

Thanks to Solar Design, specialist of the advertising gift with a unique design, this time is over!

For you, this revolutionary let fall its handle part to become an A4 file and protect your documents.

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Keybord’s revolution!

Let me introduce a revolutionary product which won many significant awards at the Vegas ASI show in 2007… The new “Keyboard Organizer™” is the first

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