Magic cutter, a cut above the typical promotional objects!

doc logo + Mercedes, in charge of the Spanish blog is the first to introduce us a unique and revolutionary tool that definitely can replace your traditional scissors and cutters : this promotional product is called the “Magic Cutter™”.

Magic CutterThe Magic Cutter™ cuts and scissors with an extreme precision papers, cardboards, plastics and wrappers. It is absolutely safe thanks to its patented high technology ceramic blade (made of zirconium oxide) which prevent it from oxidizing and hurting users.

The “Magic Cutter” is extra-flat and its magnet enables it to be stored on any metallic surface (of course, it can also be used as a paperweight if you leave it on your desk!).

Magic Cutter Its appearance is extremely fancy: with an explanatory leaflet and a clear packaging which enables you to see your logo without having to open it, and which avoid printing fees on the packaging. Many colors are available and it can be totally customized.

Magic Cutter Thanks to its small size, it’s a perfect product to offer during a show or a fair.

You will be impressed to see how our Magic Cutter™ perfectly cuts papers and other materials although it is absolutely harmless for the skin. Ideal for children who can use the Magic cutter since 6 years old!

The Magic Cutter™ is a perfect promotional object: actual and practical.