Wine-in-a-can ! Who the hell dared!!

Bert Groenendijk, from the Dutch company “La Parada” presents us a brand-new product marketed by Barokes.

This product: Wine-in-a-can™ is an innovation in wine marketing and packaging concept…

(Bert, I apologize in advance for my skepticism and for every nasty thing I am going to say about this new concept, but my French culture and education forces me to consider that drinking wine in a can is an aberration!! … I am sure my compatriots will agree!)

Anyway, Wine-in-a-can ™ is about to be launched in the market of promotional items and gifts.
Wine-in-a-can will be presented as a trendy premium (mainly for outdoor and events) and a new End of the Year gift.
The wine is available in 6 kinds and will be presented in an original Mix Pak of 4 cans.

Let’s see what Bert from “La Parada” is going to tell us about this new…and quite surprising concept:

According to Bert Groenendijk, today’s global wine consumers are increasingly embracing simple means of beverage enjoyment, often in the new economies where wine is seen as the modern trend from Western culture.
Further than that, he says that generation X and Y drinkers from many diverse ethnic origins are readily accepting ready-to-drink beverages of a spirit, wine or soft drink base as the drink of the current era.
Success in the beverage market comes from being chic, relevant, drink accessible, and importantly single serve, he follows.
Wine in a Can (Vinsafe®) is one of those beverages.

Bert believes that it has many advantages for drinkers, and innovative wine producers such as Barokes are exploiting the significant marketing potential of this product with the creation of the Ready to Drink Wine (RTDW™) category.

My French opinion is that wine is a noble nectar you MUST NOT treat as ordinary soda!
To me, wine is not just a drink; wine is a philosophy, the Epicurean’s religion.
Is it normal, on a marketing and sales development purpose, to belittle so much the gastronomy’s best friend ?
Be ready everyone! Now, “Joe six-pack” will not drink beer anymore,!
Have a “Château Laffite 1985” while watching a football match slumped on a coach!

My question is: which quality of wine you can have when you drink wine in a can?
Is it possible to age a wine the same way ?
Will it be mentioned “Factory-Canned” instead of “Château bottled”? (My apologies, I am a bit rude!)

Bert Groenendijk explains that Barokes have successfully marketed the innovative and patented Vinsafe™ wine packaging system which safely allows the sealing of wine in a can to achieve premium quality, stability and longevity (up to 5 years to date).
This process has been achieved through over 9 years of research and development and is supported by our intellectual property, including confidential information, trademarks, copyright and patents.
Vinsafe™ and its depiction (Vinsafe™ logo) are placed on every can to assure the consumer is aware of this patented process and the quality control and confidence Vinsafe™ brings to wine in a can…

My dear Bert, I admit that the idea is “fresh”, topical and trendy…
It might be well accepted in the US, in Holland…but please don’t try to market it in France!
It would be a disaster!!!

For further information, please contact :
Bert Groenendijk
Tel. 010-222.38.68
Mob. 06-1343.7898
La Parada is a new, ambitious company on the Dutch market of promotional products, premiums and gifts.
The company is aiming for a prominent position by following a recognizable and “refreshing” marketing strategy.
Founded by Bert Groenendijk, formerly Marketing Manager at Giving Europe, Europeans fastest growing wholesaler and importer of promotional products.