Promotional wallet spanners

wallet spanner Designed for the man of action…. The promotional Wallet Spanners can go where you go, and with metric sizes from M6 to M14, you’ll be able to undo all sorts of things.
Engineered from chunky stainless steel, it is still neat enough to fit like az creditcard into your wallet.
Size – 85mm x 54mm. Material – 1.2mm Stainless steel.

wallet bottle opener In the same way you can source the Wallet bottle opener. I have no idea if there is a patent on these items, but it seems to be invented by cardextras in the US.
Their website is worth a look, they have a wide range of credit card sized tools.
Contact Cardextras :
Be carrefull sourcing the Promotional wallet spanners if you’re in Europe, the US sizes may be different from the EU sizes.