The History of Wuppies

You know the item for sure, a fluffy little creature with big eyes, some call it Wuppies, others Logobugs or Winnies. here is the history of this popular promotional item.

The weepul (also called Weeple Wuppies or Winnies) is a small, spherical and fluffy creature without limbs, with large, plastic googly eyes and comes in various different colors. Usually weepuls possess antennae and also large paper feet, which, when a plastic layer is peeled off of them, will act like a sticker.

It is not exactly clear who created the first weepul. One story says the popularity of weepuls started in the 1970s in the United States, but originally under the name weeples. Another story says the weepul was created in 1979 by the Oklahoma City promotional firm, Bipo Inc. It was named by customer Tom Blundell after a stuffed doll his parents had tried and failed to market several years earlier. Blundell figured the little-people stick-on would only be a flash in the pan, “but it just got a life to it, and it still isn’t ready to die.”

In the Netherlands the weepul was introduced as a marketing tool in the 1980s by the name of wuppie. The wuppie was created by a promotion salesman, who had been inspired by weeples which he discovered during a trip in the US in the 1970s. The wuppies became popular after Father Abraham featured the Wuppies in one of his songs. The wuppies became extremely popular in the summer of 1981. Twenty-five years later, they made a come-back in the Netherlands. In June 2006 the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn re-introduced the Wuppies in a new campaign connected to the FIFA World Cup 2006 under the motto Wup Holland Wup, a variation of Hup Holland Hup (Go Holland Go), a Dutch patriotic song.

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