Cheap promotional products

Alike most bloggers, I look regularly at the statistics to see who visits our blogs, where they come from and which keywords they typed in the search-engines before reaching us. It’s not easy, because we have 6 blogs, in 6 different languages. So the list of keywords we use is long and complicated.

promotional product The quantity of visitors has increased a lot these last months, especially on our Spanish blog where blog guru Mercedes does an excellent job. She has visitors from all over the world, 89 different countries, that’s not bad for a blog in Spanish only. Of course, most visitors on her blog come from Spain, Mexico, and other South American countries.

On the English blog, visitors last month were from 162 different countries! Here most visitors come from the USA, followed by the UK and Canada. A few countries in the stats I don’t even know where to locate them: Saint Kitts and Nevis, American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands.

We can see the keywords visitors typed in search engines before finding us, and I’m happy to see that most visits are from people more or less involved in our industry of promotional products. Some blogs will announce hundreds of thousands of visitors, but who cares if they’re all kids instead of professionals?
Among the main search terms I was disappointed to find this “cheap promotional products”. disappointed, because WHO looks for cheap promotional products ?
These people want to offer something to their clients or prospects, but instead of searching a promotional product that would really fit their promotion and bring added value their main target is not to spend much money on these promotional products.
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if after reading these posts about promotional products your main concern for buying promotional products is still the cost i won’t be able to help you.