About promotional products

multi-color winnies

multicolor winnies for your company you’ve probably heard of them, winnies (also known as weepuls), the most cheerful colored ball of fluff with eyes, sticky

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custom bookmarks

are you looking for fun custom bookmarks? then you’re at the right place! we can print your text and logo on it and even add

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wobblers wobblers are one of the most understated promotional articles. once you’ve got to know the wobbler you’ll soon appreciate their promotional worth. the wobblers

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Your best New Years’ greetings ever

Christmas and New year’s season is the perfect period to thank your employees, clients, and providers by sending them a nice greeting card.

This little attention could seem to be little thing BUT by greeting all the persons you successfully worked for or worked with, you are reinforcing the quality of the relationship and creating fidelity.

Are you going to send the same sad greeting card this year ? Or are you looking for something funny and unusual?

We have an idea for this year to be your best new year’s greetings ever:

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This product looks nothing much!!

No, really, this product isn’t much to look at!!
Some people could even find it ridiculous: it’s cross-eyed and hairy as an ape.

Well, excuse me but I have to maintain it’s a great product.
This promotional plush, better known by the name of “Winnie”, is actually an ace of comunication! The king of promotional products!
Its best asset: ITS RIDICULOUS LOOK that provokes a smile to anyone who receives it.

The message printed on the ribbon that comes with the plush has a strong impact in people’s minds!
Why, because the message (text or logo) is associated with the notion of humour, the best friend of marketing and communication….

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A small furry pompom, a pair of eyes, adhesive feet’s and a ribbon on which a logo or message can be printed. That’s the Wuppie,

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For weddings, Winnies get dressed up to the nines !

Ah, weddings…!

What a delicious ceremony!
A union between a man and a woman who love each other and which goal is to set up a family under God’s benevolent eye! …

A whole institution!

For such an important event it was worth launching the appropriate winnie: husband and wife winnies !

The idea was quite good and we found ourselves under a flood of requests…

But, as we got blamed by Steph Weigert (of Zintuig in Holland) for segregating a part of society, we found ourselves moraly obliged to adapt to society’s development…

Therefore we launched… WINNIES FOR GAY WEDDINGS…

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Weepuls, Wuppies; Logobugs and Winnies

wuppie We already wrote an entry about the history of these small fuzzy promo animals called Weepuls, Wuppies or Logobugs and Winnies. You can read the history here.

But where or when to use this small promotional product? The possibilities are really very wide, more than 300 different models are available.

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