For weddings, Winnies get dressed up to the nines !

Ah, weddings…!

What a delicious ceremony!
A union between a man and a woman who love each other and which goal is to set up a family under God’s benevolent eye! …

A whole institution!

For such an important event it was worth launching the appropriate winnie: husband and wife winnies !

The idea was quite good and we found ourselves under a flood of requests…

But, as we got blamed by Steph Weigert (of Zintuig in Holland) for segregating a part of society, we found ourselves moraly obliged to adapt to society’s development…

Therefore we launched… WINNIES FOR GAY WEDDINGS…

Obviously, the master word of a promotional product is “adaptation”.

As specialists of promotional products, we have to be always aware of market, society and changing attitudes!!

This way, nobody’s jealous: straight or gay weddings, each one has its winnie.

Besides, did you know (that’s free info for you ladies!), that in some Asian countries, a woman has the possibility to get married with several men!! Isn’t that incredible!
It is hight time attitudes changed in this way….

Thanks again to Steph Weigert for making us realize the terrible omission we made.

We rectified it!