Invisible promotional products ?

Hi everybody, It’s friday afternoon, We’ll have a nice sunny week-end starting in a few hours so let’s have a look all together at a funny invisible promotional product !

I received the information from Scott Amron, an email with the title ” invisible money clip” proposing us to post an article here about the product on the PPI blog.  I was quit surprised as the word “invisible” is quit opposit to the way we want promotional products to work !

invisible-money-clipSo I had a look at his website : and it appears that luckely he has two versions of his money clip, one invisible, one visible for the promotional product industry.

Have a look at the video on their homepage and all you american readers will understand immedialty that it’s a good product. For people here in Europe it may look like a strange product if you never traveled in the US. The explanation is that in the USA nearly everywhere, in taxis, bars, restaurants, etc, you TIP à few dollars for service, so Americans always have a couple of loose Dollars in their pocket. This item keeps them together in an innovative and nice way.

To read more about the product and to see their video :

It’s not easy to invent a new promotional product ! Here are some of the things Scott tried before : it’s worth a look.