Will Toothbrushes take care of your next promotion ?

The toothbrush exists in Europe since 1780 when William Addis started producing this item in Clerkenald in England. But it took more than 200 years before the promotional toothbrush came into the market. Karel Dirkzwager from Protaction4 in Holland will explain us how you can make your next promotion with this product printed with a logo or slogan.
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doclogoplus Henk: Karel, please introduce to us in a few words your company, where it is located, to which clients you are selling.

karel dirkzwager Karel: Thanks Henk, my company is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands and specializes in selling small, useful products to all distributors of promotional products in Europe.

doclogoplus Henk: I’m working in this business since more than 15 years, but never sold a promotional toothbrush. Please give me some 2 short case studies for me to understand better where and when this item can be used for a promotion.

karel dirkzwager Karel: Studies is a large word for common sense and market feeling. We sell toothbrushes as a travel necessity to Travel Agencies, but insurance companies also love them. We do not have to forget organizers of congresses.
The new toothbrush from JORDAN we are starting to promote just now is very easy to carry as it is a complete system in a small box, combining brush, toothpick and paste. Admissable on any airplane, it’s a hot item nowadays.

doclogoplus Henk: Does the floss come along with the toothbrush ? What other “technical” advantages should I be aware off to promote your item ?

karel dirkzwager Karel : We have one that incorporates floss, paste and brush.

doclogoplus Henk: One last question, can you print logos on your tooth care products?

karel dirkzwager Karel: Yes, but due to the irregular shape it is recommended not to use more than 2 colours. Creative thinking enables everyone to use toothbrushes as a promotional item .You will be surprised by the positive reaction a gift like this creates.Our website www.protaction4.eu will tell you all.

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The Protaction4 website : www.protaction4.nl

Thanks for your time Karel !