Corporate gifts for banks (1)

A bank wants to give away a corporate gift? See which innovative solution professionals from all around the world propose for the November case study. A national Bank wants to offers a present to their corporate clients for the end of the year. (Company managers, financial directors) The last 5 years they’ve offered a hard board calendar. This year they would like a more innovative promotional product to surprise their clients. Their budget is between 2 and 3 euros (USD) per piece. Quantity: 15 000 pieces.

Which item will you propose and why?
Solution from the Netherlands
decision maker Zintuig relatiegeschenken would like to propose a luxury decision maker engraved with the logo of the bank.
A heavy metal piece on the desk of every financial director, it’s a fun gift but with a serious undertone. It looks nice and is very exclusive so the bank can count on years of visibility on every desk, and with the engraving on top the bank will be sure they will be “looked at” when important financial decisions are made!
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