Corporate gifts for Banks (2)

A bank wants to give away a corporate gift? See which innovative solution professionals from all around the world propose for the November case study. A national Bank wants to offer a present to their corporate clients for the end of the year. (Company managers, financial directors) The last 5 years they’ve offered a hard board calendar. This year they would like a more innovative promotional product to surprise their clients. Their budget is between 2 and 3 euros (USD) per piece. Quantity: 15 000 pieces.

Which item will you propose and why?
Solution from France

wuppie winnie Isère Publicité doesn’t propose one single corporate gift for the manager or Financial director but proposed a small package of promotional items which the receiver will distribute to his colleagues in the office. A box with 10 or 20 small Winnies, also called Wuppie or Weeple, in different colours and shapes.
Each person in the office will be able to choose the one that fits best to his personality, a golfer, a football fan, a tennis player, a skier, a ladybird etc. The distribution of these items in the office will create a commotion around the bank’s promotion.

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