Corporate gift for banks (3)

A bank wants to give away a corporate gift? See which innovative solutions professionals from all around the world propose for the November case study. A national Bank wants to offer a present to their corporate clients for the end of the year. (company managers, financial directors ) The last 5 years they’ve offered a hard board calendar. This year they would like a more innovative promotional product to surprise their clients. Their budget is between 2 and 3 euros (USD ) per piece. Quantity: 15 000 pieces.

Which item will you propose and why?
Solution from Spain
beach towel A bank must show security and trustfulness to such clients, I would propose to give a present suggesting to their corporative clients to relax while they make their investments growing…
A high gram beach towel with the bank logo in jacquard, or a leather neck-pillow for plane travelling fits in the budget.
Note : A distributor is more than a merchandising seller, he must behave as a promotional assessor, when you visit a fair, open your eyes looking for ideas, not only profitable items…
Till nex ttime —-
Horacio Placenti Reclamstation Barcelona

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