A world without promotional products ! (5/5)

Imagine, up from tomorrow, there are no promotional products any more in the world. What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse? What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless !

Answer from Horacio Placenti, Reclamstation SL in Barcelona Spain
First of all, I prefer to use the term “promotional gift” instead of promotional product or item, the sense is quite different if its seen by a receptor or by the person who gives the item.

Practical use (1) + marketing effect (2)
1) Practical use : note 90 % of pens, caps , key chains, etc (we can mention hundreds of items) at any home are promotional ones, I never bought in a shop, but the world should continue anyway if they disappear and I have to look for them at a shop.

2) Marketing effect: I want to emphasize what I said at the beginning regarding to the effect we want to produce giving a gift, we win fidelity and gratitude on this client or potential client.
even a smile of a shop attendant is a kind of promotional gift, makes people happy when consuming a product or service, and allows competence btw company’s. Useless or not the product use can be avoided or replaced, but if the marketing effect disappear, the economy of the world will crash soon and we should return to the caverns.
To summarize my opinion: a world without promotional products is possible, but a world without promotional gifts is not possible.
Horacio Placenti