Kick the habit with Promotional Merchandise

Written by Helen Louka from

smokingThere is never a bad time to promote an anti smoking campaign but with ‘No Smoking day’ fast approaching why not tie in your marketing activity with this key date? Promotional products offer an effective way to do this and can be specifically tailored to your audience to create a powerful message.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider for any health campaign is that of the target message, to ensure you create maximum impact.  Broadly speaking, this can be divided into two areas: prevention and, in this case, ‘stopping smoking’.

Smoking prevention campaigns are often aimed at children and young adults, so choose products that each group would like to receive. Children typically appreciate promotional gifts such as stickers, badges and toys; whilst teenagers and young adults might respond better to a message printed on a silicone wristband or watch.
A more hard hitting idea for teenagers is to use products that illustrate the effects of smoking on the skin and health. For example, a message such as ‘Don’t smoke away your looks’ could be promoted on a promotional lip balm or make up set.
By giving a product that the recipient appreciates, the message will have a much greater effect. And by targeting the younger generation, good habits will hopefully be instilled from an early age.

For stop-smoking campaigns, there are a variety of approaches that can be used – from the novelty to practical. It is often cited that keeping hands occupied is a great help when resisting a cigarette so stress toys printed with a helpful strap line make a fitting product choice. Small novelty items, such as a Rubik’s cube or a magnetic sculpture, are also ideal to fiddle with and therefore a great distraction for idle hands!

Many quitting smokers use sweets and chewing gum to help them give up, so printed lollies offer a tasty alternative to having a cigarette. Equally, chewing gum packs and mint matchboxes can be personalised to fit the campaign, so when a smoker is tempted and reaches for a light, they are presented with a much healthier option!

An unusual alternative to the run-of-the-mill anti smoking promotions is that of the novelty shaped money box. Teamed with a campaign highlighting the cost of smoking to both your health and your finances, recipients are encouraged to save the money they would ordinarily spend on tobacco. Money boxes also have a high retention factor so offer high impact advertising as the money starts to accumulate.

So, if you’re looking to promote an anti-smoking message, consider the use of promotional items for an affordable and effective awareness campaign.

Written by Helen Louka from

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