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Today I received following mail from the company Zintuig in Holland, one of the main actors in the dutch premium and gift market.
“Henk, our brand new website is online, it looks great and I would like to get your feedback on this website. All input is welcome.”


I know Zintuig and specially its owner Steph quit well and I’m sure he’s very proud of this new website. Let’s check together if he’s allowed to have the dream :
“I have the best promotional products website in the World”

relatiegeschenkenThe Zintuig website is in Dutch language only, but not necessary to speak Dutch to see if the website is good. Here are a few of my own observations:

  • The warning banner on top shocks me: If your website is online it must be ready and fully working.
  • The phone number is clearly indicated, this is indeed very important, on many websites you’ll search for contact details as if they don’t want their clients to call them.
  • Same for the search field, it’s easy to find and also gives the possibility to search per product group or per price target.
  • Green promo products are popular!! So indeed they deserve a visible place on the homepage.
  • The image of the two contact persons is awful, the top of their heads is cut and it is obvious that it is a standard image; I would rather see a photo from the real team, even if they’re not that handsome… lol.
  • I like the different sections of the homepage, clearly separated, would see the product images slightly bigger, this website is about promotional products!
  • I also like the last section “why would you do business with us”, I think it is very important for the visitors to see this underlined.
  • Once you click further into the product details the information is extremely clear, including print cost, printable version in one click.
  • Technically the website is very well optimised for the search engines. Not astonishing that Zintuig is on top in on most of the keywords.
  • The quantity of products is amazing! Do not forget that this website is for a very small market, only 18 million people in Holland.

What is your opinion? see the website here : Zintuig relatiegeschenken

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