Bpma Launches new Industry charters

Some news about the BPMA from Gordon Glenister

“The British Promotional Merchandise Association launched its new charters for both trade distributors and suppliers.
The organisation is set on driving up standards, professionalism and transparency within the industry.

At the heart of the charter is a sharp focus on customer service.
Members will be able to give greater confidence than ever to buyers in an increasingly competitive promotional marketplace.

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Tips For Buying Promotional Products From China

Posted by David Dawson PromoGifts Uk

Top on the list of those who export things world-wide, China is known for selling anything to anybody.
chinese factory From Promotional products to fishing gear; if you look at the label, it most likely says made in China. In this article, I’m going to cover some tips you might want to remember when you’re dealing with this country that has risen to the spot of economic giant. If you are able to overcome the drawbacks, than it’s likely that you can make some money dealing with China.

26 tips so far… feel free to add any of your own after you have read through, if you have had experience in dealing with China or any other far east countries then please do add your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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Printing techniques of promotional products

In the most cases the promotional product will have to be printed. What could you supply and how does this all work?
The files you would like to have be printed on the gifts have to be related on special formats when you will deliver them.
These are:
– Vector EPS
-Tiff, JPEG. The minimum resolution should be 600 dpi for line art (drawings), and 300 dpi for grayscale and halftone work (photo).
– PDF format (in highest quality) without compression. Designs delivered with a resolution of 72 dpi or less are not useful!
– The texts can often be simply imported by the supplier and “put”, meaning that the products need an email with your text and the products will do the rest.

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