Bpma Launches new Industry charters

Some news about the BPMA from Gordon Glenister

“The British Promotional Merchandise Association launched its new charters for both trade distributors and suppliers.
The organisation is set on driving up standards, professionalism and transparency within the industry.

At the heart of the charter is a sharp focus on customer service.
Members will be able to give greater confidence than ever to buyers in an increasingly competitive promotional marketplace.

The organisation will monitor the charter strictly ensuring that the standards are maintained. Recently appointed chairman, Neal Beagles, commented: “Our members have wanted us to show that we have real teeth and are policing the industry, and this is a major step forward in doing so”.

The bpma represents over 560 companies with a combined turnover in excess of £300m. Over 100 companies joined the organisation over the last 11 months signaling a sign of renewed optimism in the industry”

Thanks a lot Gordon! To visit the BPMA Website: www.bpma.co.uk