The promotional Animal plush for a sweet communication!

Everyone knows the success of Winnies, those round small promotional plushes which deliver a message on their ribbon.

It is a product we would be wrong to underestimate: despite its small size, its impact is great:
when you offer a plush to someone, you fully get his/her attention.

The new product we propose today, as part of the same family, is the Promotional Animal Plush.
They are sweet, cute and as efficient as winnies when communicating thanks to the ribbon onto which we imprint your logo.

This product is ideal for fund raising, direct promotional coupons, shows, exhibits, outdoor events and product launches.

Beware, the promotional Animal Plush is so lovable that you’ll probably become addicted to it! Don’t be bashfull and indulge but to be taken without moderation!!

Be sure the promotional Animal Plush will be the mascot of your next promotion…

To have more information on the Animal Plush: Contact us or visit the Horizonsources website