CAUTION! Your mobile phone is endangered!

In winter not only living beings become very sensitive to cold!!

We too often forget that alike us, our appliances suffer from icy and wet weather.

Especially your mobile phones, which are often exposed to cold in winter:
A phone battery loses 50% of its power when the temperature goes down.

The problem is that the battery’s molecules partly freeze when temperature is low, which significantly reduces the standby time.
Generally, the battery regains capacity as soon as the temperature has gone up again!
The solution to this problem: dress your mobile phone for winter!

The perfect product: the customized phonesock from

The phonesock will protect the nanoscreen from scratches and also ensure longer battery life as it protects the phone battery from the cold.

But the main asset of our Phonesocks: it’s fully customizable with a text our a logo!

The phonesocks are a great promotional product !

– Perfect for fundraising or premium.
– 3 to 4 weeks delivery time.
– It’s available from 1 000 units.

Several options for customization: your logo can be either knitted into the sock, printed on it or decorated with silicone !!

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