Guess what this product is!

We recently discovered a funny Made in USA product, which has just been patented and launched.

It is a bottle carrier: a small but strong product!

It seems to be very simple to use, there is no need to remove the cap to put it on and off, to put it on and off and the strap gets tighter with the weight of the product, which makes it secure and reliable.

It’s definitely a useful product in the summer: when you prepare for a day at the beach and you have to walk from the campsite which is not so close, you will be so happy to have your bottle carrier with you!!

As for its use as a promotional product, it might have a chance:

Of course, you can personalize the bottle carrier with a text or logo.
– It can be a good promo offered with bottles of water or soft drinks.
– To sponsor sport events or outdoor events.

What do you think about this product? Do you think it could work as a promotional product?
Your ideas and comments are welcome!

And if you need some more information on the bottle carrier, visit: