Promotional head buffs

Samantha from MSI Promotions, LLC in the USA comes and tell us about the success of the headbuffs on the US market.

” The reality television craze could not have been kickstarted without the introduction of Survivor, a reality tv game show that tested contestants’ ability to compete and survive in the wilderness. Survivor became extremely successful right from its first season in 2000 and has had multiple seasons since, as well as many international adaptations of the show. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you could not have helped but either seen at least one episode of the addicting show or at least know the concept of the show. The contestants are initially divided into two teams, who each identify with their team by wearing a certain survivor head buff.

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FUNNY FAN – the ecological promotional fan!

I don’t know how you deal with it, but personally, when it’s scorching hot outside I almost faint, I become irritable, impatient and a bit aggressive!!

It’s obvious that during the hot season a FAN is essential to endure such warm temperatures…

Of course the promotional fan is not new. On the other hand, the ecological, recycled, 100% personalised fan is new!!

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Tapatap – the new beverage can cap

The problem with beverage cans is that once opened, whether you finish it, or you throw it half full in a garbage if you don’t want it to empty out in your back-pack.
(Obviously, this never happens to me with a can of beer, as I always finish it on principle)

Finally we have an efficient solution not to waste your soda (or whatever) and transport your opened cans with you without any risk.

The New Tapatap!
This Spanish patented product allows to save the beverage you don’t finish, and preserve all its proprieties thanks to the 100% hermetic cap.

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4-in-1 Beer Holder

posted by Delphine Keng ODM Group The ODM group exhibited at the Electronics Show and the Mega Show in Hong Kong this October. Taking advantage

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Sweet Summer…

Summer is by far my favourite season.

It reminds me when I was a kid; My parents used to take us 3 fantastic weeks on the Atlantic coast of France.
We went camping, breaking camp each week between Biarritz and Bordeaux…

“Les Landes” was then the favourite region of my mother.
She loved the long rides to go to the beach, under the high pines forest who protects the dunes.

I still can feel the smell of the pine needles heated up by the sun…

We then spent the all day on the beach, building hundreds of sandcastles, destroying them with my father to bug my sister, braving the waves, swallowing a lot of salty water…

I think summers are the happiest memories of my childhood.

I imagine that for many people, summer holidays are great souvenirs because it a period when you forget all your worries, you just relax on a beach chair…you feel so good.


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“Beach” marketing…

After the Street marketing era…comes the “Beach” marketing time! The Australian communication agency Rapp Collins dealt with the promotion of the fantastic documentary series SHARK

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Guess what this product is!

We recently discovered a funny Made in USA product, which has just been patented and launched.

It is a bottle carrier: a small but strong product!

It seems to be very simple to use, there is no need to remove the cap to put it on and off, to put it on and off and the strap gets tighter with the weight of the product, which makes it secure and reliable.

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