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Samantha from MSI Promotions, LLC in the USA comes and tell us about the success of the headbuffs on the US market.

” The reality television craze could not have been kickstarted without the introduction of Survivor, a reality tv game show that tested contestants’ ability to compete and survive in the wilderness. Survivor became extremely successful right from its first season in 2000 and has had multiple seasons since, as well as many international adaptations of the show. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you could not have helped but either seen at least one episode of the addicting show or at least know the concept of the show. The contestants are initially divided into two teams, who each identify with their team by wearing a certain survivor head buff.

The head buff is a multifunctional stretchy piece of fabric that the show has influenced to become iconic. Today, you can find head buffs with the design used on survivor going for around $40.00 on ebay! Luckily for us in the promotional products industry, head buffs are a fresh, original item that can now be customized as much as a customer desires” for as little as $3.00 a piece for quantity of 1000..

Like one can see on the show, the head buff can serve many functions because of its stretchiness, shape, and size. Wear it around your neck as a scarf, pull it up as a face mask, pull it over the top of your head as a balaclava, situate it around your eyes as an eye mask, scrunch it up on your hairline as a headband, transform it into a beanie or bandana, a simple headscarf, wrap it around as a scrunchie or wristband, or anything else you can come up with. The head buff is perfect as a promotional product because of its flexibility and potential to heavily promote a brand/logo.

Particularly, when thinking of the ideal clientele for the head buff, schools come to mind. Schools, especially colleges with division I sports teams, love to showcase their school spirit and deck out in their school color for games. Imagine the head buff, with the school’s logo and mascot continuously stamped all over. The head buff serves as a unisex accessory that kids will enjoy sporting in their own unique way. Head buffs could also be perfect for any league of sports as a layer of protection from the sun, a way to keep their hair back, or a way to stay cool.
The head buff is now available as a customizable promotional item and even comes in a package describing the many ways it can be used and worn. Tell your clients about this item that is on the brink of being hot in a world outside of reality television! Let them be the trendsetters. ”

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Samantha from NJ, USA. She is an intern for the amazing promotional products distributor MSI Promotions, LLC in West Caldwell, NJ. MSI specializes in innovative marketing and promotional solutions. They are experts in customer service, quality, and creativity. Visit