Would you like a glass of champagne?

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I confess that I am a Champagne addict.

I take delight each time I drink a swallow of this wonderful wine: its fine bubbles exhilarate my palate, and the cooler champagne is served and, the more tremendous is the pleasure.

This drink is especially appreciated by women…

Well… we found an incredible product that enables women to open a bottle of Champagne without the need to ask a man’s help!

Its name is DESCORJET and it’s a revolutionary invention which allows to open a bottle without effort nor danger for eyes as the cork stay in the product! (fortunately..)

The product was Gold medal Winner at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva (Switzerland) (suiza) in 2001.
It is suitable for any bottle of Champagne, or any bottle of sparkling wine.

It can be personalized one or more colours, and make it a fantastic promotional gift.
I made the test and it’s very easy to use, fast and safe

To ask for more information on the product, you can CONTACT US.
Or write directly to Lucas Piagna, distributor in Spain and Europe: lucaspiagna@telefonica.net