Golf tees with taste

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doclogoplus After making a putt, while walking to the next hole, many players take a fresh tee out of their bag…and put them into their mouth. What if that tee has some flavour?

Two american inventors just launched a line of golf tees with flavor called “Tasty golf tees”.
Tasty Golf Tees are made from all natural uncoated wood, then sanitized and flavored for long-lasting taste. Imagine a golf tee that tastes like mint, cherry, grape, or vanilla? In the future, millions of golfers will be adding some flavour to their game.
Players say they enjoy Tasty Golf Tees while riding in the cart….while waiting to tee it up…in the clubhouse…even in the car on the way home. Other players say they’re great for curbing smoking or snacking.

Tasty Golf Tees are currently available in Cherry or Mint flavour, with a variety of new flavours coming soon.

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