FUNNY FAN – the ecological promotional fan!

I don’t know how you deal with it, but personally, when it’s scorching hot outside I almost faint, I become irritable, impatient and a bit aggressive!!

It’s obvious that during the hot season a FAN is essential to endure such warm temperatures…

Of course the promotional fan is not new. On the other hand, the ecological, recycled, 100% personalised fan is new!!

The FUNNY FAN is made of recycled cardboard, and has a funny round or square shape which can be personalised in full colour on its entire area!

Its original shape, wide printing surface (210 mm diameter) and its ecological nature make the FUNNY FAN a unique, fresh and new promotional product!!

Even the famous has adopted it!

This made in France product has a low cost per unit and is really effective to promote a message!

Ideal for festival, outdoor events, sport events, meetings, conferences, waiting rooms, etc.

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