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After the ingenious GripClip, we present the StikkiClean: A small product double sided, doubly effective!

How to use it?
You put the printed side of the StikkiClean, facing down, on your LCD, phone, Ipod, camera etc… and you will be able to remove the dirt off it by scrubbing lightly with your finger tip. After using it, you just stick the printed side of StikkiClean, face up, onto the cell phone or digital screen body.

It can be taken on and off many times and it can be water washed as well !! How great is that??

• Great portable mousepad for notebook and netbook computers
• Self-adheres anywhere on device when not in use
• Can be used as shock absorption to protect screen
• Self-adhesive is effective thousands of times
• High quality microfiber will not scratch surfaces
• Clean surface where StikkiClean sticks to
• Use water or soap to wash off dust when adhesiveness is weakened
• It might not stick to specially coated surfaces

The StikkiClean surface can also be personalized with your logo or text!!

For more information about the StikkClean, do not hesitate to contact Patrick from the Artessa society: !!