What is a promotional product?

For all of you involved in the promotional product industry is seems an evidence what a promotional product really is. Neverthless it’s good to see a short description, per category as below.


  • Advertising Specialties

Ad specialties have these key elements: 1) an advertising or promotional message; 2) placed on (or with) a useful item, and 3) given with no strings attached.

  • Premiums and Incentives

Give a useful item with some strings attached (e.g. buy this book and get a free bookmark) and the item becomes a premium. A promotional product is a premium when it is offered as an incentive to produce a specific action.

  • Recognition Awards

Plaques, service pins, trophies, award jewellery and other gifts that signify performance or honours can be categorized as recognition awards.

  • Business Gifts

Typically given by businesses to customers and employees, and occasionally, to influentials and suppliers. In the context used here, business gifts are not extravagant gifts and trips. Gift-giving reasons cited by companies are: To thank customers, to develop business, to recognize employee performance and longevity, because customers expect them, and others.