The new supporter wigs!

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For a couple of years ago the mohawks were very popular, people were spraying all kind of colours in their hair, or they just bleached their hair for the soccer games.

A new product is the hair bandage. This is the newest hairstyle for the supporters and fans of the World Cup of soccer. The hair on the bandage is remarkable and it is available in a lot of crazy shapes.

Don´t you also agree that if the stadium during the World Cup in Africa is filled with hair bandages, the cameras will not be able to ignore it?

We can put the name of your company, the company logo or the name of your club on the bandages. This product is available up from 100 pieces per model. There are 8 standard colours, black, pink, orange, blue, green, brown, dark blue and red.

We saw this great new product at PPAI in the United States. But soon enough everybody will know about this hair bandage.

If you want to have a good and funny sport promotion product, just use the hair bandage!

supporter wigs
spirit hair

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