4-in-1 Beer Holder

posted by Delphine Keng ODM Group

The ODM group exhibited at the Electronics Show and the Mega Show in Hong Kong this October. Taking advantage of their invention incubator in their Singapore office they showcased some new promo product inventions around the drinks industry and also launched www.BeerPromos.com

multibeerholder Their 4-in-1 Beer Holder is able to hold up to 4 cups of beer. It is foldable so fits in the pocket, light and reusable– Carrying 8 cups of beer at one go doesn’t seem that difficult anymore! Great logo positionning for beer companies.

Coolzee 4-in-1 is another patented product, the body of Coolzee is made of Neoprene foam that can keep can/bottle drinks cool whereas the base is made of a hard and durable plastic for openning cans and bottles.

In addition, to prepare for the upcoming world cup 2010, ODM also launched their very own South Africa Board game, “The Race to Victory”. With the first production coming off the lines (arriving in South Africa in time for Christmas), they are expecting strong demand next year along with a range of world cup promotional items.

Check out their blog for more product releases and industry news.