The Thinking Putty

thinking putty
You are seeking for a really original and never-seen promotional gift for your next marketing campaign or trade show?
Today, the Horizon Group discovered a very new promotional product, created by Crazy Aaron: the Thinking Putty.

Thinking Putty is unique among promotional toys. You can be sure to catch the attention of your clients who will love playing with it!

This promotional product consists in a very special polymerized silicone modeling clay, delivered in a customized metal tin.

Produced in the USA, this phenomenal promotional toy is flexible, squeezable, floatable, stretchable, squishable, twistable, snapable, stickable, peelable and bouncable.

This peculiar article is able to copy the tiniest details of objects: Fingerprints, skin texture and beard stubble.
Moreover, it’s totally safe and won’t irritate your skin!

You can use this promotional item to relieve stress, exercise your hands, or just annoy your friends and co-workers.
Thinking Putty’s stress relieving qualities make it practically addictive.

Maybe, you’re wondering, like me at the beginning: “What’s its utility as an advertising product?”

Even if the concept may be a bit silly at first sight, recipients often bring it with them to meetings and events, and doing so, are also carrying your corporate image with them!

In addition, it’s an incredible ice-breaker and conversation starter which has the power to put people at ease during meetings or job interviews….
Your company will be remembered as the source of these cool marketing gifts!

Using Thinking Putty as a marketing gift isn’t brainless and gives birth to lots of creative ideas and slogans like: ‘Stretch your ideas’, ‘Mold your advertising future’, etc…

This article appears to be very useful for communication and advertising agencies, who will be able to use similar slogans, based on openmindedness.
In another field, Thinking Putty can be used by pharmaceutical firms to help the clients who wish to stop smoking, reducing their stress playing with their Putty.
As an example, the graphic design firm Pi Design used the Thinking Putty as a Christmas-season marketing gift.
Reindeer shot They transformed the Thinking Putty into luxurious “Dr. Pi’s Miraculous Miracle Mucus aka Reindeer Snot” with a special Chameleon Hypercolor and won the prestigious GOLD ADDY award for best self-promotion! (the advertising industry award presented by the American Advertising Federation.)

It actively engages your prospects because they’ll be using your marketing gift for months boasting its benefits and source to everyone.

Its metal tins offers a large printable area for promotional messages, slogans, logos or web site addresses in FULL COLOR and delivers a message far more powerfully than a one color imprint, engraving, or black overstrike.

The metal tin suggests value and makes it psychologically difficult to throw away.

The Thinking Putty can be matched with any Pantone colors to match your corporate colors and exists in exclusive features like electric color swirls, metallic shine, heat sensitive color changing, glow in the dark, and more!

metal tins
For more information about Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: click here!