Flip-Flop for glasses ?

Today, The Horizon Group is happy to present you the first product launched by the company Una Estrella.

It’s a coaster called “CHANCLITA” (mini Flip-Flop in Spanish).

This very funny and innovative promotional product is patented and will give your wine glasses a little twist of originality and a touch of happiness.

The product comes in a sheer organza pouch by pairs with vibrant colors and funny summer designs.
Christmas designs are also available to go on with your “Chanclitas” this winter!

This special coaster is made from recyclable foam which makes it an environmental friendly article.

At the same time, it is washable, floats and also contains thermal properties.

These very cute glasses flip-flops are especially adapted to Wine, Champagne, Martini and Cocktail Glasses. Although you can also use it on beer goblets and tube shaped glasses.

With a minimum order of 3000 units, you too can personalize “chanclitas” with your design! So, what are you waiting for?

For more information about the CHANCLITAS, click here !