3 promotional items trends you should follow

How do you get the best returns from a promotional advertise?
This is the main question that all marketers are wondering about. Where do you start and what should you look for?
We selected three trends this fall which are essential in the purchase of a gift or promotional product.

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Promotional ashtrays

Promotional ashtrays are very popular now ! With more and more strict smoking bans coming out recent years, a pocket ashtray seems necessary for a

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Go Green… Understanding Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Organic Cotton.

cotton bagOn many traditional cotton farms, the soil is most often sterile because of the depletion of nutrients and pesticides. As a result, farmers must rely on additives, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plus vast quantities of water to keep their crops growing. In contrast, organic farming restores and builds up the soil, increasing its organic content which, in turn, increases its water-sustaining ability. The rich, moist earth results in stronger plants, which improves the soil even more. Far less water runs off organic fields, and what does run off is not polluted with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton must be processed separately from conventional cotton and machines must be cleaned to avoid contamination. For 100% organic products, only environmentally friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards are used. Cotton is a natural fiber and therefore is also biodegradable.

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted by Gagandeep Singh from www.fortepromo.com Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: – Promote Your Business in Environment Friendly Way Promotional Products are one of the greatest ways

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Ecologic Promotional pen

A unique “Promotional Feather Quill Pen”, made of a nice goose feather and a ballpoint pen. This new product is a fantastic alternative to the

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Promotional Bags of Choice!

Article from James Biggin from Steel City in the UK…

As we move into a new calendar year, thoughts turn very quickly to the exhibition and conference “season” which traditionally takes place during the latter part of quarter one. Therefore the Christmas business gifts rush is long forgotten and our attention is focused on client’s who are planning events.

Aside from ensuring you have the right range of promotional merchandise to use at an event, one of the most important items to get right or even to add to your “shopping list” is the promotional bag. It is very easy to make a snap decision on this, and the product chosen may still be the right one.
However, with a bit of extra thought, you can ensure that the bag you choose can work for you, long after the stands have been taken down and the conference speech notes have been archived for future use…

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Honda has green fingers

letter to plant

Here is the new concept of Honda : a letter that grows. With this idea, Honda wants to raise the green credentials of its lawn and garden equipment, reminding its customers that its products don’t damage the environment.

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