3 promotional items trends you should follow

How do you get the best returns from a promotional advertise?
This is the main question that all marketers are wondering about. Where do you start and what should you look for?
We selected three trends this fall which are essential in the purchase of a gift or promotional product.

Follow trends in a proper manner.
Do not ignore trends and hypes when it comes to purchasing a promotional item. This also applies to conventional brands. Ordering every year the same engraved Waterman fountain pen could eventually work against you. Fewer people write with a fountain pen. Order a topical type Waterman pen, this is suited better nowadays and still gives the authentic appearance you’re looking for.
As a Purchaser of gifts, it is important that you take into account the seasonal and fashion trends. Don’t neglect on this element, gifts traders are generally no trend setters but trend followers. They simply sell their range of products from the manufacturers, which are usually not very excel in originality (you’ll know immediately why when you take a look at all those gifts guides; they all look the same).

Three currently trends to consider
Green: Eco-friendly promotional products made from biologic biodegradable materials are doing well.
People are becoming more environmentally conscious and expect from you and your business to take responsibility for your part to contribute. Cheap environmentally unfriendly promotional products will not succeed to that expectation. So it is about time you keep away from those products.
Colors are also important: Striking colors are at the moment important. Colors like purple, pink, yellow and blue are popular.
There is also demand for promotional products in the color of the company. Many so-called PMS products (products with a color that exactly matches the value of your PMS color logo or company style) are now available in lower quantities against competitive prices. Why order a standard promotion item with your logo printed on it if you can design the promotional items in your own company style?
Promotional Products with a function: cheap giveaways without a function is a really no done. Effective promotional products have a useful function that the user appreciates. Your client does not expect t-shirt with logo, your customer expects a t-shirt with reflective edges (convenience within the traffic or while running). A baseball cap is nice but a lightweight hat that can be used for sports or outdoor activities is of course much easier.
In short, an useful gift in your company´s style in one of the trend colours which is environmental friendly promotional item, might just be the product you are looking for.

Budget Eco-products are unfortunately more expensive than ordinary gifts. To make a product in your own style may be financially attractive, but still more expensive than a product of the shelf. Don’t only look not at the numbers but also to the quality. You rather give something good that would be a appreciated then a mass give-away that the wrong message and brand message and is thrown in the garbage within a few days.