fake tattoos for your company

Where can you buy fake tattoos with your own design? Right here, of course.

Do you want to get your own customized fake tattoos? Well, you’re at the right address.


With us you won’t have to pay any setup costs (if you order 1 design) and transport is always completely free! (to one address in the Netherlands or Belgium)

on our site you can easily, quickly, and cheaply order your own custom fake tattoos.

This means you don’t have to choose from existing designs, instead you can also get them in the shape of your own company logo,

exactly the way you would want it.



We can print one or more designs on a tattoo sheet.

Even if there are multiple designs on one tattoo, it will still count as one tattoo. This means there are still no setup costs.

We deliver fake tattoos in the many sizes, like 38x38mm, 51x51mm, 76x76mm, 101x101mm, 151x151mm, in A5 format, but also custom sizes like 38x76mm, 51x76mm and 101x151mm. almost every size is available.

You can order the fake tattoos in just black or In one or multiple colors, this doesn’t affect the price. The instructions for usage are on the backside of the tattoo.

We can also print your logo on the backside of the tattoo, but this depends on the size of tattoo you ordered.


If you’re looking to order fake tattoos, you’ll most likely end up on Google. There are many businesses selling fake tattoos (also called temporary tattoos) all over the world, some cheaper than others. Of course you want to make sure the tattoos are completely safe. Our fake tattoos meet the standards of the CE characteristics and cosmetic requirements. Our fake tattoos are safe for everyone over 3 years old.

You can get your own design printed at a start number of 2500 pieces per design.


Our fake tattoos are packed neatly in boxes. Do you want to have the fake tattoos packaged separately? That’s also possible. For a small extra fee we will package the tattoos separately in see – through bags.


Do you want to order your own fake tattoos? please contact us.


and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66