When famous brands adopt the temporary tattoos…

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chanel2No, temporary tattoos are not only for children. No, tattoos we find in chewing gum as a gift are not the 1st thing we think about when you talk about “decalcomania”… Well, not anymore.

The huge buzz provoked by Chanel in 2010 and its “tatouages éphémères” has been an example. Now, all famous luxury brand names create their own temporary tattoos lines and make this product super fashion. Every “it girls” wear these tattoos. Witness: Leighton Meester, the actress of Gossip Girl, the famous TV Show , in which she plays  a rich girl (a total bitch !) of the New York high society, always wearing fashion design clothes, making the cover of Marie Claire in December 2010 with the Chanel dove on her shoulders.

Leighton Meester-Chanel-tattoo

We also talked a lot about Vuitton, Versace and Jean Paul Gauthier during their last fashion shows. (pictures here below). In another style, Christian Audigier attracts attention with his tattoos line as well.


JPG is so much in his tattoo period that he ‘tattooed” the Coca Cola bottles in the last ad campaign of the famous brand. We can see his face associated with a woman body integrally covered by tattoos.coca-tatoos-JPG3

The temporary tattoos infatuation is still at the top and who knows which luxury brand will be the next to succumb and to create its line?

Anyway, famous fashion designers are very conscious about the incredible quickness of the trend. They can only give their blessing to this kind of product  : impressive when we wear it but which has the advantage to be ephemeral, letting free place for the next trends.

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