Beyonce launches a line of Temporary Tattoos

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Chanel has done it. Louis Vuitton tried it out. So did Betsey Johnson and now Beyonce is creating her own line of temporary tattoos.

The temporary tattoo has become an indispensable fashion accesory since Chanel launched it in spring 2010.

Starting November 1st, Beyoncé and Japanese makeup brand Temptu have partnered with Deréon to create a range of temporary tattoos available at and, including Deréon’s signature fleur, spiders, jewel baubles, and rocker chains and bolts, according to WWD.

Basic kits start at $16 for two of each design (there are four designs) and 10 tattoo application pads. The $34 edition comes with a signed photo of Beyonce (just an FYI, it’s probably a printed signature). The latter is only available on and and is a limited run of 500 sets, so get on the waiting list now if you’re interested. is the manufacturer of temporary tattoos the biggest cosmetic companies trust in.

Some of Betsey Johnson’s tattoos:

Some of Chanel’s tattoos :

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