Beyonce launches a line of Temporary Tattoos

Chanel has done it. Louis Vuitton tried it out. So did Betsey Johnson and now Beyonce is creating her own line of temporary tattoos.

The temporary tattoo has become an indispensable fashion accesory since Chanel launched it in spring 2010.

Starting November 1st, Beyoncé and Japanese makeup brand Temptu have partnered with Deréon to create a range of temporary tattoos available at and, including Deréon’s signature fleur, spiders, jewel baubles, and rocker chains and bolts, according to WWD.

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You may know that the PPIBlog is THE specialist of the ephemeral tattoo!

You will find here everything you need to know on temporary tattoos.

Here is the list of all the articles written on the Ephermeral tattoo since thee very beginning of the PPIBLOG:

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To buy High quality temporary tattoos:

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Sweet Summer…

Summer is by far my favourite season.

It reminds me when I was a kid; My parents used to take us 3 fantastic weeks on the Atlantic coast of France.
We went camping, breaking camp each week between Biarritz and Bordeaux…

“Les Landes” was then the favourite region of my mother.
She loved the long rides to go to the beach, under the high pines forest who protects the dunes.

I still can feel the smell of the pine needles heated up by the sun…

We then spent the all day on the beach, building hundreds of sandcastles, destroying them with my father to bug my sister, braving the waves, swallowing a lot of salty water…

I think summers are the happiest memories of my childhood.

I imagine that for many people, summer holidays are great souvenirs because it a period when you forget all your worries, you just relax on a beach chair…you feel so good.


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How are Temporary Tattoos produced?

Every one knows the temporary tattoo. This funny product you can buy, or get in an in-pack promotion (magasines, packs of cereals…). Millions and millions of them are sold each year.
Everyone knows the product but do you know how they are produced?

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Advertising, I got you under my skin

What’s the world coming to?! Nowadays, people sell their body as a permanent advertising space …

Yeah well, marketing techniques are changing…so are communication mediums!

It seems that it has become fashionable to offer some companies to tattoo their logo or brand on a part of one’s body: like one’s leg, arm, or forehead !!

For example: Karolyne Smith, This blond woman earned 10 000 dollars getting “” (casino online) tattoed on her forehead (¡So discreet!)

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Promotional Sport Items

The most moving steps of all major professional sports league are coming: UEFA Champions League, for football but also in many other disciplines: Basketball, Voleyball, Handball, etc.

And the supporters to do their job: : ENCOURAGE THEIR TEAMS !!!

Some say that the supporters are the 12th player (in the case of football) and for that reason games are won when playing local, with the cheering of its public.
With this purpose, clubs and sponsors look for sport promotional items to offer to the supporters…

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Horrible Tattoos

If there is one important thing to know before getting a tattoo….is that it’s PERMANENT, IRREVERSIBLE, INDELIBLE !!

You should think about it twice before thrusting.

Here are a few examples of people that should have better stayed home the day they decided to get a tattoo!

In our team, we prefer temporary tattoos, because by definition…it´s temporary.

Once again we adapt the society´s evolution: “No strings attached era”, fixed terms contracts…

What a pity they didn’t know before that HORIZONSOURCES manufactures fully customized temporary tattoos!

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Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo As a promotional product and premium the tattoo is a strong vector! We did post several entries on this blog about the temporary

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Benefits and disadvantages of Waterless Tattoos

Michael Merrick Crooks from “Crooks Advertising Alliance” in the United States tells us more about the waterless temporary tattoos.

Which are the benefits and disadvantages of these tattoos compared with the normal temporary tattoo applied with water:

Michael Merrick Crooks for the benefits:
And myself for the disadvantages (I know, I couldn’t help sticking my nose into it!…) :

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