Promotional Sport Items

The most moving steps of all major professional sports league are coming: UEFA Champions League, for football but also in many other disciplines: Basketball, Voleyball, Handball, etc.

And the supporters to do their job: : ENCOURAGE THEIR TEAMS !!!

Some say that the supporters are the 12th player (in the case of football) and for that reason games are won when playing local, with the cheering of its public.
With this purpose, clubs and sponsors look for sport promotional items to offer to the supporters…

The industry of sport promotional products rises the occasion and launches innovative and original items in the promotional product market.

Inflatable bangers, Banners, taptaps, inflatable hands, silicone wristbands, referees, loudspeakers, bandanas, colour face make-up, temporary tattoos…

Sponsors will find an Item for each budget to associate their brand or image to the club’s colours and therefore make the supporters loyal to their name.

Imagine how boring and less motivating it would be for players to see the colourless and silent stands!

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