Unroll your logo with the FANBANNER !

pub fanbanner Today, the Horizon Group is proud to present you its new product: the FANBANNER.

This fantastic and innovative promotional article is perfect to promote your logo or motto in sport events, political events, concerts and more…

Very practical and reusable, the FanBanner is the most wanted promotional article of the moment!

Thanks to its two plungers option, one on each side, the FanBanner allows you to stick your promotional message everywhere: on your car’s windows, on your room’s door…

Its measures are 750 x 245 mm but because it is totally retractable, it can easily fit into your handbag!
The large surface of impression up to 8 colors in flexography on both sides of the Banner offers great visual effects! You can be sure to reach your target with your message!

Your logo or text can be printed up to 2 colors on both sides, which converts it in a very effective communication tool!
Each FanBanner goes with its standard individual bag.

From 1000 units, you too can obtain fully customized FanBanners to support your team, show your business colors or just to express yourself showing a personalized message!

To have more information about the FanBanner, contact us at: info@horizonsources.com