The Winners of the World Cup-Gadgets!

Within a few days the sporting event of 2010 begins, the World Cup in South Africa. The Orange madness is already completely broken out, a few of the World Cup gadgets: World Cup hands, dangling, Gogos, encourage horn, Beesies, orange plophat and ING Bank personal debit card.

The winners of the World Cup action, according to the survey, are the Bavaria-orange dress and the remote controlled cooling server of Grolsch.

The gadgets are getting crazier, more advanced and cooler …
Let’s hope the Dutch team will be World Champion.

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Orange-Crazyness began early this year!!

This year the Orange-Crazyness for the World Cup of Soccer began a lot more early than the past years. For the people who don’t know what the Orange-Crazyness is; in Holland (The Netherlands) you have the best supporters of soccer. For every championship the supporters go crazy and dress themselves into orange as much as possible. Things like orange hair, orange faces, orange clothes. Actually every spot of the body is orange.

Most of the companies did not only begun earlier by ordering promotional supporter products, but most of the companies also made it bigger this year. The &Co Concepting and the Trendbox announced this last Thursday. The two agencies are initiators of the Orange Barometer which examines the different promotional actions.

See here below some examples of the Orange-Crazyness!!

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New 3D Sports Stickers

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail about a new promotional product. When I took a look at the website I saw that the company is from Latvia. That´s funny, because originally I am also from Latvia. This new product they are selling got my interest.

It’s now for 4 years on the market and they already sold over 5 million stickers!

This company, called SIA Globall Sports, invented a new kind of sports promotional product. It´s a 3D Sticker with a sports ball on it in 3D. There are different kinds of sport balls you can choose for your sticker. The minimum quantity is 50 units and takes 4 weeks for delivery.

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The Wrist Water Bottle

When spring is coming it’s the season I prefer to go jogging on the beach or riding my bike… actually, it’s important, to keep in shape and at the same time to profit of the sunrays.

One very important thing to do when doing exercise is to take plenty of fluids.

But having to carry water bottles while exercising can be rather uncomfortable at the point that we often get rid of the bottle before drinking the water !

So let me present you the solution to this problem:
It’s called SWIGGIES and it’s a brand new and original concept: a wrist water bottle for port!

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Unroll your logo with the FANBANNER !

pub fanbanner Today, the Horizon Group is proud to present you its new product: the FANBANNER.

This fantastic and innovative promotional article is perfect to promote your logo or motto in sport events, political events, concerts and more…

Very practical and reusable, the FanBanner is the most wanted promotional article of the moment!

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